Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Equine Foot

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(Open Enrollment and 16 CEU credits for ARI graduates)

Instructors: Scott Lampert, APF and Mitch Taylor, CJF

Palm Beach County FL

Seminar Features include: High Speed video gait analysis using ONTRACK EQUINE software,
Lower limb dissection and leg press and Shoeing demonstration with video analysis.

This course will provide the student with a background to analyze the foot and lower limb, and recognize the factors that determine individual hoof balance.  Utilizing videos, limb dissection and leg press analysis and incorporating the ONTRACK EQUINE analysis software, students will get a visual illustration and hands on experience of the lower limb and foot, form and function and biomechanics as it relates to shoeing.
ONTRACK EQUINE video analysis of gait with emphasis on the lower limb will be performed before and after trimming and shoeing, with the goal of demonstrating the impact of horseshoeing on equine locomotion. Included in this course will be discussion and current information regarding footing, equestrian sport specific demands, as well as common hoof imbalances, and association with lameness.
A brief review of lower limb and foot anatomy will be provided, but the student is expected to have a basic understanding of the bones, ligament and tendons of the lower limb and foot before attending the course. Written materials will be sent in advance to facilitate.

Bio: Scott Lampert
For over two decades, Scott Lampert has shod top-level Hunter/Jumpers, Dressage, National Arabians Champions and World Champion Cutters.  A graduate of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School, Scott uses a practical approach to fine tune horse’s performance and improve soundness through horseshoeing. Utilizing the advantages of videos, pictures and clinical information; Scott developed the ONTRACK EQUINE software. Professionals, trainers and owners have discovered the tremendous advantages of documenting, analysing, reporting and communicating information with others using this one of a kind software tool.
Scott is also involved in several industry related research groups and has been an advisor for several industry manufacturing projects, Scott’s experience and High Speed video library has made him a popular choice as a clinician worldwide. Awarded the “Outstanding Speaker” at the 2007 International Hoof Care Summit, Scott has had the privilege to lecture worldwide including major Veterinarian and Farrier conferences. Currently serving on several National Equine boards and committees, Scott has been active in developing and supporting the growth and knowledge of the farrier industry. Scott’s research and work has contributed to several articles and he wrote the Farrier and Foot Care section for the new USHJA Trainer Certification Manual.

Bio: Mitch Taylor
Mitch Taylor, a Certified Journeyman Farrier in the American Farrier’s Association (AFA), is the owner and director of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School (KHS)in Lexington Kentucky. Mitch has been a professional farrier and an avid competitor in international horseshoeing competitions since 1975. Recognized throughout the farrier industry as a premier clinician and educator, Mitch stays actively involved in all aspects of the farrier profession. In addition to his work at KHS, he conducts numerous clinics for the international farrier and veterinary community. Mitch has been a featured speaker and clinician at farrier events from Canada to South America and has recently conducted educational seminars in several European countries. Additionally, Mitch served as the primary author for the AFA’s Education Manual, and his work has been featured in numerous other farrier publications, including the American Farrier’s Journal. Taylor earned a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Colorado’s Western State College before pursuing graduate studies in Animal Science at the University of Kentucky. While at UK, Taylor worked as an assistant to James Rooney, Ph.D., a noted author and authority on equine anatomy and biomechanics, who served as Director of the renowned Maxwell Gluck Equine Research Center.

8:00-8:50am       Understanding the importance of basic Anatomy, function and its role on horseshoeing.  Mitch Taylor

9:00-10:30a.m.  Dissection of a lower limb including the use of a limb press and supported with High Speed Videos (Part1)              Mitch Taylor and Scott Lampert

10:45-Noon       Dissection of a lower limb including the use of a limb press and supported with High Speed Videos          (Part 2)             Mitch Taylor and Scott Lampert

Noon -1:00 lunch

1:00-1:50 p.m.  Recognizing and understanding common injuries and imbalances of the foot. Mitch Taylor

2:00-2:50pm   Ground Reaction Forces on limb and how they may relate to injuries and lameness Scott Lampert

3:00-3:50pm   Recognizing hoof concerns, basic Anatomical involvement and possible shoeing options. Scott Lampert

4:00-4:50pm   Discussion: Working as a team “A Modern Day Protocol” Mitch Taylor and Scott Lampert

Day 2:             WET LAB AND LIVE SHOEING    Scott Lampert and Mitch Taylor

8:00 – 8:50am    Evaluation of horse, feet and conformation, discuss and illustrate proper documenting and image collection.  Video gait per-shoeing.  Discuss concerns, challenges and goals and develop a plan

9:00-10:30am     Execute: Trim and shoe

10:45-12:00pm   Video Gait post shoeing.  Comparison video gait after intervention.  Students evaluate feet

12:00-1:00pm      Lunch

1:00-1:50pm      Sport specific demands and their effects on the limb

2:00-2:50pm      Complications/disease

3:00-5:00pm      Review and Q/A

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