Intermediate Equine Meridian Therapy



Instructor: Dr. Shannon Budiselic, DVM, CERT, CVA (Cand.)

Offered to:  CERT’s & CERA’s, Massage Therapists, Body Workers who have completed the Introduction to Equine Meridian Therapy Seminar.

Course Description–This 2 day seminar will further integrate advanced concepts of TCM with the basic principles of Equine Rehabilitation.  

Topics Include:

    • Point Categories (Master, Command, Sedation, Luo, Xi-Cleft, Hui, He Sea, etc.)
    • Pattern Differentiation of Disharmony (Zang-Fu organs, Pathogenic Factors, Eight Principles, Six Channels, Four Stages, San Jiao Patterns, Pathogen Patterns)
    • Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis
    • Case Studies and Discussion

Application of these concepts to holistic equine wellness will be discussed as it relates to the practitioner’s particular skill-set (CERT/CERA/MT/ BW).  Students are expected to present their Case Reports for classroom discussion and shall divide their course time between lectures and equine cases.  Prior to the session an on-line review (notes, assisted learning materials, quizzes) of concepts from the Introductory Equine Meridian Therapy will be provided to students.

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