Certified Equine Kinesiology Taping Therapist

Certified Equine Kinesiology Taping Therapsist    CEKTT
Eligibility:  DVM, PT, DO, DC, Certified Animal Chiropractor/Osteopath, Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist (with education in equine anatomy), Final Year University Veterinary Student, Veterinary Technician and PTA’s that have completed the CERA program.

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This Certification program consists of completing six (6) prerecorded online modules and two (2) live labs & submitting a case study.    
Module 1:  Introduction to Equine Kinesiology Tape  (2hrs)
  •                   During  this online module Dr. Molle will be introduce you to the history of kinesiology tape and she will compare the different brands of tape.  You will understand the physiological basis of action of kinesiology tape and review the importance of a proper assessment of the equine patient prior to applying the tape. Indications and Contraindications will be covered.

Module 2:  Proprioception (2hrs)

                  During this online module Dr. Molle will define proprioception and it’s importance to the proper neuromotor control system of the horse.  She will explain how kinesiology tape is used to affect the proprioceptive system.  Proper use and technique are explained in detail.

Module 3:  Fascial Kinesiology Taping (1 hr)

                 During this module Dr. Molle will introduce you to the connecting network of fascia and how it can affect perception of pain, range of motion and trigger compensatory movement patterns.  The application techniques to affect fascia will be demonstrated and explained.

Module 4:  Kinesiology Tape for Pain Control, Interstitial Space and Fluids (1 hr)

                  In this one hour module Dr. Molle covers the use and application of Kinesiology Tape for pain control, to create interstitial space and to move fluid.

Module 5:  Kinesiology Tape for Fibrosis and Scars (1 hr)

                 In this module Dr. Molle covers the application of kinesiology tape for fibrosis and scar tissue.

Module 6:  Equine Clinical Case Scenarios Using Kinesiology Tape (1 hr)

                 This module contains Dr. Molle utilizing kinesiology tape for a variety of clinical cases.

Lab 1:  Prerequisite Modules 1 & 2  (1 day 8 hrs)  See Course Calendar for Locations/Dates

                 This one day lab with review the comparison between taping products available on the market for use on the equine patient.  Quick review of functional assessment of the patient.  Proprioceptive application for muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and neurological conditions.

Lab 2:  Prerequisite Modules 3 -5 (1 day 8 hrs) See Course Calendar for Locations/Dates

                 This one day lab focuses on application of kinesiology tape for fascia, fluid movement, pain control along with application for scars and fibrosic tissue.  A number of cases will be dis

All modules contain a power point presentation lecture with embedded video and photographs.  There are links to specific research paper abstracts and clinical application involving kinesiology tape. 

At the completion of each module there is a 5 question mini examination that must be passed to progress through the modules.  You have 3 chances to pass the exam without re registering for that specific module.  After completing modules 1 & 2 you are eligible to register and attend Lab 1 (locations and dates are listed on the course calendar).  After completing Modules 3 -6 you are eligible to register and attend Lab 2 (locations and dates are listed on the course calendar).  Students can choose to take Lab 1 & Lab 2 at the same time/location after completing of all the modules. 

Labs will be offered at the Animal Rehab Institute campus in Palm Beach County Florida, along with a location in Colorado and Europe.  Students can choose the location and dates that fit their schedule to once they have completed the online course material and passed the exams. 


Instructor: Dr. Sybille Molle, DVM, CERT