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Weekend Seminar



ARI is almost ready to launch our new educational platform which includes pre-recorded lectures from all of our instructors.  This new format will allow students to access the latest evidence based Equine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy techniques from the comfort of your home.  There will be a number of lectures available online in January 2017!  Most of the CERT, CERA programs will be available online along with CEU courses that will cover expanded equine topics.


The worlds most advanced equine therapy modality is here in the Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4Activet portable Super Pulsed Laser therapy. ARI will be offering laser therapy training soon. The MR4Activet is proven effective for treating many equine conditions. This laser uses red light, blue light and infrared frequencies. Visit their web-site for more information. Go to Multiradiancevet


The Equestrian Physical Therapy Clinic

ARI is proud to announce the opening of the Equestrian PT Clinic offered by Arlene White. Specializing in horse and rider pairs, focus will be on improving performance and preventing injury by employing a wide variety of soft tissue techniques and modalities.  Anna Bergenstrahle is here with us at ARI November – April for Postural Evaluation and Correction using the EGOSCUE method.  Contact Anna on her mobile to make an appointment to improve your posture, negate your pain, and improve your riding ( 941) 685-7150 or email her at