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Q. I am a veterinarian. What is the right program for me?

A. As a vet, you are entitled to enroll in the Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist program at ARI. This certification entitles you to be a certified Rehab therapist. And you can continue your education with ARI by enrolling in our Continuing Education seminars.


Q. I am a Physical Therapist licensed in another country. Can I enroll in your program?

A. Yes, we accept Veterinarians, Physical Therapists, Veterinary Technicians, and Physical Therapist Assistants from other countries if they submit proof of licensure, registration, or certification in the country where they are employed.


Q. What are the licensing requirements for my state?

A. Every state has a Veterinary Practice Act and a Physical Therapy Act. Some states are more lenient than others when it comes to Physical Therapists working with animals. We advise all of our students to familiarize themselves with both practice acts in their states.


Q. Do I have to complete the certification courses in a particular order?

A. Yes, for the Certification tracks. Intro to Equine Rehabilitation is the first course for both programs. The subsequent modules can be taken in any order. Call the Institute for details about your specific situation.


Q. Do I have to pay the full tuition at the time I register for a course?

A. Call ARI for details and special arrangements.


Q. Is the CEMT program take at your own pace?

A. Yes all online lectures are to be completed on your own schedule. Once you complete the online portion you are then eligible to attend the live lab.


Q. Does the price include the live lab?

A. Yes, if there is a live lab attached to that course it is included in the price unless otherwise stated.


Q. What courses can I take if I am not a licensed professional?

A. CEMT, Dissection courses, Equine Athletics Module, Equine Aquatic Lectures, Equine Biomechanics Lectures, The Equine Hoof are all open enrollment.


Q. Is housing included during the live lab?

A. No transportation and housing are not included in the cost of the program however, we try to put you in touch with the other students in the course to organize shared accommodation or rental cars.


Q. Can I get certified in Equine Kinesiology Tape if I am not licensed?

A. Yes, as long as you have taken some equine anatomy and biomechanics courses or are a certified equine massage therapist you can take the CEKTT program.


Q. How do we register for a course?

A. First create a username and password for our site and then choose the course you would like to take. If it’s a protected course you will need a code from us to access registration email to gain access code once you are approved to take the course.


Q. What do we bring to the live lab?

A. Your study materials, phone with camera space for videos, barn shoes, comfortable clothing to work in the barn, shorts are okay. A hand towel to wipe your sweat off (we are in FL and it can be hot).