CERA1 Certification for Veterinary Technicians, Physical Therapist Assistants & BS Equine Science

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10/12/2018 - 10/18/2018 All day

Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation and Techniques Module ( online lectures and 6 days lab)

Courses are taught as an online lecture series and then 6 days live lab at the Animal Rehab Institute located at Half Pass Heaven Farm, a beautiful 10-acre Dressage facility located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Certification for Veterinary Technicians,  Physical Therapist Assistants, and BS Equine Science graduates track consists of these modules:

Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation Therapy – Online Lectures & Live Lab
Arlene White, PT, M Anim St Physiotherapy
  • Anatomy, Biomechanics, Form & Function
  • Palpation and Assessment of Equine Musculoskeletal system
  • Core Concept of Physiology, Neurology, and Normal vs. Abnormal Gait
  • Introduction to Equine Physical Rehabilitation – Principals and Theory
  • Range of Motion Assessment
  • Soft Tissue Assessment
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise
  • Common Injuries, Prevention and Treatment Options
  • Introduction to Retraining Proprioception and Neuromotor Control
  • Therapeutic Modalities
    • Ice/heat, compression garments
    • Magnetic / Electromagnetic
    • Laser/LED
    • Therapeutic Ultrasound
    • Electro Therapy (ESTIM, FES, NMES, TENS)
  • Objective Outcomes and Measures
  • Rehabilitation Team Communication
  • Starting an Equine Rehabilitation Business
Equine Athletics – Online Lecture Series
Dr. Melissa King, DVM, Dr. Anna Firshman, DVM,
Arlene White, PT, & Dr. Hilary Clayton, DVM
  • Advanced Gait Analysis & Lameness Evaluation
  • Latest Orthopedic Veterinary Medicine Techniques
  • Basic Neuromuscular Physiology/Anatomy
  • Common Equine Neurologic Conditions
  • Common Equine Muscle Disorders (myopathies)
  • Neurologic Examination/Practical
  • Using Video for Gait Assessment
  • Current Research in Equine Rehabilitation
  • Structure, Function & Kinesiology
  • Conditioning of the Elite Equine Athlete
  • Strength Training

Note: This certification is offered only to Veterinary Technicians, Physical Therapist Assistants, BS Equine Science Graduates or other professionals as determined by ARI.
After  Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation Therapy,  students complete the certification program by completing  the Equine Athletics Module  online Lecture series and submitting a Case Study.In addition, 24 Continuing Education credits, earned over each 3 year period, are required to keep CERA certification active.