Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist (CERT) $4875.00 for DVM, PT, DO, DC, Animal Physiotherapists

Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist (CERT)

  1. Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation  (Online Lecture Series & Optional Live Lab)
  2. Equine Athletics – (Online Lecture Series)
  3. Functional Assessment – (Online Lecture Series & 4 Day Live Lab)
  4. Case Study Submission

You must pass all course exams & submit a case study for review

  • Part 1.  Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation begins with a review of confomation, biomechanics, and postural evaluation of the horse.  Core concepts of neurology, locomotor biomechanics and gait assessment; including normal vs abnormal gait patterns will be introduced.  Students will be introduced to the principals and theory behind equine physical rehabilitation.  Objective Assessment techniques will be introduced for soft tissue,  pain response, and joint range of motion during the live lab.  Treatment techniques will be introduced to retrain proprioception and neuromotor control along with progression of therapeutic exercise and conditioning, and the use of therapeutic modalities: (ice/heat, compression garments, electromagnetics, laser/LED, therapeutic ultrasound, electromodalities TENS, FES, NMES).  Documenting objective outcomes and measures during your treatment, team communication & business aspects of starting an equine rehabilitation business will all be discussed.  After completing the online course work students have the option of attending the 6 day live lab practical (see course calendar for dates & locations)
  • Part 2.  Equine Athletics is a series of 14 online lectures from the experts in their field.  Dr. Hilary Clayton offers a 3 part lecture on locomotor biomechanics.  Dr. Melissa King lectures on equine aquatic therapy, regenerative medicine, and muscluoskeletal lameness.  Dr. Anna Firshman presents 2- two part lectures the first one on equine neurological disease and the second one on equine muscle disease.  Dr. Brian Nielsen talks include a 2 part lecture on equine bone strength and one lecture on mineral nutrition of the equine athlete.   Short 5 question examinations are located at the end of each lecture 80% passing grade is required for this online module.
  • Part 3.  Functional Assessment is a series of >>> online lectures providing participants with a fundamental understanding of the practice of equine sports medicine including assessment and treatment, rehabilitation performance enhancement, and incorporating a professional team approach.   Principals of neuromotor control and dynamic stability will be introduced in conjunction with the participant developing the necessary knowledge and skills to perform a functional patient evaluation of the equine orthopedic, neurological and myofascial systems.  Manual therapy techniques used in equine assessment and treatment will be introduced.  This course will assist the development of clinical reasoning skills and evidence based practice such that graduates have the necessary skills to aide healing, encourage injury prevention and sports specific performance enhancement.  Static and dynamic assessments will be performed with and without a rider.   After completing the online course work and exams, students will attend the 4 day live lab session (see course calendar for dates & locations).
  • Case Study Submission – Students will upload a case study for review

Live Labs may be offered in one of 3 locations ARI – Palm Beach County FL,  Europe, and Colorado