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Ann Ramsey, APF-1 Therapeutic Farrier, BS Equine Science, CERA:   Did you know that most horses with primary back lesions will display limb lameness?  The spine plays an integral role in the locomotion of the horse.  We look at the integral relationship between dysfunctional movement of the spine on the limbs.  We also discover how the spine serves as a primary compensation unit for the horse when there is a leg lameness. We discuss neruogenic muscle atrophy, as well as over ridding dorsal spinous process (Kissing Spine).  You’ll learn how to palpate the spine for abnormal signs and much more!  Ann Ramsey explores the two major sources of injury in the distal limb.  80% of lameness coming from the distal limb, understanding the effects of riding on the limbs is a critical mission.  This lecture includes practical tools such as range of motion testing; which is valuable for detecting joint and muscle problems.  We cover passive mobilization and stretches as well as lower limb palpation techniques.  Osteoarthritis as well as tendon and ligament healing is discussed in intricate detail.  Learn how tendons repair at the cellular level, from initial insult to full rehabilitation and why the correct amount of exercise is so critical to stimulate the healing process.