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Melissa King  reviews lameness assessment and current treatment options.These talks are not intended to teach veterinary diagnosis or treatment of these disorders.  Dr. King presents an over view of static and dynamic lameness evaluation from conformation and posture to dynamic movement patterns. She addresses recognition and grading of lameness, reviews a brief over view of diagnostic analgesia, diagnostic imaging, and discusses current joint therapies.

Dr. Melissa King is a board certified equine sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Dr. King graduated from Colorado State Veterinary School in 1997 and completed an internship at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY.  Upon completion of her internship Dr. King returned to northern Colorado to begin her career as an equine ambulatory clinician focusing on equine sports medicine.

In 2011, Dr. King completed a PhD in Equine Biomechanics and Rehabilitation at the CSU Orthopaedic Research Center assessing the efficacy of underwater treadmill exercise to diminish the progression of carpal osteoarthritis. Dr. King co-authored the APTA Othopaedic Section Physical Therapy Examination of the Equine Patient in 2015 and was a guest editor for the 2016 Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete in Veterinary Clinics of North America, Equine Practice.

Currently Dr. King is an assistant professor for the equine sports medicine and rehabilitation service at Colorado State University.