Introduction to the Hoof and the Equine Athlete $99.00

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Ann Ramsey BS, CERA, APF-I

Ann has a unique background started as a Veterinary Technician became a Farrier and graduated from our Certified Equine Rehab Assistant program.  She has been rehabilitating horses starting from the hoof up and explains why the hoof is such an integral part of the Rehab process.  A great lecture from a former student at ARI!  This lecture will change how you think about hooves.  Included is everything from the latest research on specialized therapeutic shoeing packages, to the modern materials of plastic and glue on shoes.  Take a deep dive into how different materials affect the tissues of the foot and distal limb.  Learn to understand the two most critical radio-graph vies for your farrier.  Through special research videos demonstrating how the internal hoof structures move, you will be able to create a 3D picture of all the tissues inside the capsule.