Equine Anatomy Workshop



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No previous massage or bodywork experience is necessary, only a love for horses and the desire to learn!

Instructor: Arlene White, PT MS Animal Studies (Physiotherapy)

The Animal Rehab Institutes intensive training programs provide students with a solid foundation in anatomy, physiology, conformation and biomechanics of the horse. Students construct the muscles of the animals in clay over specially designed and accurately scaled models.

Building from the inside out, participants comprehend form and function while discovering the logic of anatomy.


Course Description:  This 3-day workshop allows you to learn the musculoskeletal anatomy of the horse by building the horses muscles from the inside out onto the model.  Participants comprehend form and function while discovering the logic of anatomy and the relationship of structures.  A great learning opportunity to help you visualize the musculoskeletal system of the horse.  Build on your current knowledge or satisfy a desire to learn what makes your horse move.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Anatomical Vocabulary Including Directional Terminology and Veterinary vs. Layman’s Terminology
  • Master the Equine Skeletal System – Axial Skeleton & Appendicular Skeleton
  • Build the Muscle System onto the model
  • Describe and Palpate all Bony Landmarks on Live Subjects
  • Outline the Superficial Muscles of the Horse Using Paint Sticks
  • Understand the Function of the Reciprocal Apparatus and Passive Stay Apparatus.
  • Perform a Basic Conformation Assessment

Cost includes study guide to be reviewed before attending class, course materials and use of the model and clay

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