Advanced Equine Meridian Therapy

Dr. Shannon Budiselic, DVM, CERT, CVA (Cand.) Instructor

*Prerequisite: CERT or CERA & completed Introduction to Equine Meridian Therapy Seminar
2 days
Offered to: CERT’s & CERA’s who have completed
the Introduction to Equine Meridian Therapy Seminar.

Course description–this course will build upon the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired from the introductory equine meridian therapy seminar.  In addition to solidifying acupoint and meridian anatomy, students will become familiar with alternative acupoint therapy methods commonly available to the CERT/CERA (dvm/pt) in a rehabilitation setting, including laser acutherapy, infrared acutherapy and tens acutherapy.  Emphasis will be placed on effective collaboration between the cert/cera and other attending health care providers (including certified veterinary acupuncturists).  The role of meridian therapy as an effective means of enhancing the efforts of equine rehabilitation will be discussed holistically with respects to the functional assessment, TCM assessment and goals of treatment (including treating the horse’s “constitution” muscle balancing for “straightness”, core stability training and general wellness) this portion of the course will focus heavily on case studies (classroom and lab sessions).

  • Introduction to TCM and the five element theory
  • Introducing the horse’s constitution (wood, fire, earth, metal, water)
  • Meridian pairs (zang fu organs)
  • Muscle system theories (for muscle balancing and core stability training)
  • Meridian and acupoint location (global and regional perspectives)
  • Acupoint types and uses (back shu, alarm points, etc.)
  • Incorporating meridian therapy into your practice
  • Evidence-based support for the use of trigger point and acutherapy, with particular reference to myofascial pain syndromes will be emphasized

Using TCM theory, case studies and hands-on lab sessions, students will become familiar with identifying meridians and acupoints, and applying the concepts of tcm to assess and treat a variety of patients using manual therapy methods (acupressure, myofascial release, massage) in order to inspire continued learning and provide the groundwork for advanced TCM study, students are expected to research and complete a TCM case report on a case study of their choice (to be completed within 6 months of attending the introductory course).

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